Dubai Creek Tower | Tallest Building in The World in Dubai Creek Harbour

Updated: Jan 29

February 2016 Emaar Announced Dubai Creek Tower, in Dubai Creek Harbour was to be constructed ahead of the city’s 2020 World Expo; becoming the tallest building in the world!

Plans was to structure with more than 1,300 meters height, the tower would dwarf the nearby Burj Khalifa and become the tallest building in the world. It seems that everything in The Middle East, just like the Eiffel Tower at the 1889 World’s Fair.

But even starting to work on the foundation 4 years ago construction quickly got hold back and the project has faced rumors of even being cancellation.

So what actually happened to Dubai Creek Tower is that The UAE almost lost its title of the tallest building in the world, to Saudi Arabia.

Dubai Creek Tower, in Dubai Creek Harbour was expected to cost USD $1BN – the project seemed to fall into pieces as the price tag was too high, and not having enough usability as the country was already faced with declining of property prices due to oversupply.


There were 2 reasons why to structure Dubai Creek Tower! First reason was to create another jaw dropping tourist attraction for the city, and the second was to keep the title of “Tallest building in the world” in Dubai.

In 2013, Saudi Arabia began to construct the Jeddah Tower; the first skyscraper to stand a kilometer tall.

If completed, that scheme would have taken the title of world’s tallest building away from Dubai’s 828-metre Burj Khalifa.

While it may feel like a lot of effort to build such a structure just to retain a title, having the world’s tallest building in your country can actually be a strategic economic boon. It’s also helped to bring nearly 20 million visitors and the USD$30 billion they spend to the city each year.

In a country keen to move away from an oil-based economy, diversifying with tourism has proved a successful strategy.

Though no construction has taken place since late 2018, the tower was only formally put on-hold in 2020 as Dubai went into lockdown.

Plans are still to continue with this structure somewhere in the future, the main focus now is to create the new community Dubai Creek Harbour.

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